Finster Black Pvt Ltd is a leading producer of Recovered Carbon Black (RCB) located in India, near Mumbai Port. As one of the first RCB producers in the country, the company has an operational capacity of 20,000 tonnes of RCB, making it one of the largest RCB producers in the world. For several years, Finster Black has been exporting its RCB to over 35 countries. The company is ISCC certified, and its RCB is REACH certified, ensuring that the product meets stringent quality standards.

In addition, the company has a fully-equipped laboratory for carbon and rubber testing, allowing it to produce RCB that meets the demands of the most discerning consumers. Finster Black is fully integrated, collecting its own end-of-life tires and producing value-added products such as RCB for consumers. With the introduction of the eco-mark by the Bureau of Indian Standards for rubber tires, Finster Black's CEO, Mr. Vishesh Agarwal, has stated that the company aims to be a major supplier of RCB to the Indian tire industry.