Carbon Black FP-330B

Product Description :

Carbon black is mainly used as a reinforcing filler in tires and other rubber products. In plastics, paints, and inks carbon black is used as a color pigment.

Grades Available :

Carbon Black FP 330B

General Data :

Characteristics Specification Method
Physical Appearance Beads -
DBP No (OAN) (cc/100 gm) > 95 ASTM D2414-17
Iodine Adsorption Number (mg/g) > 90 ASTM D1510
N2SA (m2/kg) > 65 N2 BET Method
S.R # 325 (Max) Nil ASTM D - 1514
Heating Loss (Max) % < 0.5 ASTM D - 1509

Applications :

Rubber Industries

  • Tires & Tubes
  • Moulded Rubber Products
  • Extruded Rubber Products

Plastic Industries

  • Black Masterbatch
  • PVC Pipes & PVC Compounds

Paint Industries

  • Black Paint

Coating Industries

Packaging :

Carbon Black is packed in HD/PP bag having HM liner inside.
Standard bag weight : 25 kgs

Technical Recommendations :

Carbon Black can be used completely or partially depending on end use/applications.