Rubber IB 550A


IB 550 Carbon Black is a Carbon Black Grade developed by FINSTER CARBON, aimed to substitute ASTM N550 carbon blacks in certain applications, creating a total or partial replacement for the mixture according to its needs.


Finster Carbon can be used in natural Rubber mixtures, butyl rubber, SBR, etc., to substitute ASTM N550 and N330) carbon blacks, for its dispersibility, processing and handling is comparable to these carbon blacks. As it can be observed in the below table, Finster Carbon behaves exactly the same way, in standard natural rubber blends by dosing the same amount.

Our Carbon IB 550 can be used in below applications :

Conveyor Belts
Butyl Tubes
Rubber Mattings
Rubber Sheets
Rubber Inner Liners
Rubber Flaps
Rubber Grommets
Dock Fenders
other automotive Rubber Parts
Other Moulded rubber Applications
Other Extruded Rubber Applications


Carbon Black Grade Finster Carbon Black ASTM 550A
Carbon Black Loading (phr) 100 100
Viscosity @ 100℃
ML (1+4),(MU) 14,8 15,7
Shore A,(15 sec) 61,8 64,7
Tensile Properties
Tensile Strength,(Mpa) 22,4 21,3
Elongation @ break (%) 407 322
100% Modulus (Mpa) 4,05 4,9


Characteristics IB 550A
Physical Appearance FLUFFY
DBP No. (OAN) (cc/100g) 62.6
N₂SA (m²/g) 68.1
I₂ No. (mg/g) 82.5
P.D (kg/m³) 363.06
S.R # 325 (max) 0.43
Particle Size ( MICRON) < 25
Heating loss (max) 0.46


IB 550 carbon is available in 20 KG Double layered paper bags with additional outer packing of transparent HM bags. Further pelletised and stretch Wrapped.